Whether you’re a freelance designer fresh out of college or a 10 year veteran, Designers Don’t Read by Austin Howe is a real treat. From topics like “HOW MANY IDEAS SHOULD YOU PRESENT?” and “CAREER LAUNCHERS” to “NOCTURNAL GENIUS” and “THE IMPORTANCE OF PRESENTATION SKILLS”. Each chapter is as entertaining as it is informative and doubly inspirational. Each chapter originated as a piece of work all its own, essays Howe would write weekly and share with friends and colleagues. Cleverly combined into 41 total chapters each labeled with a time (footnoted “Reading times are estimated based on averages. Individual times may vary”) making each that much more enticing to read! I have to say, I had a real laugh out loud moment when I got to “SOMETIMES THE MOST INSPIRING THING YOU CAN SAY IS NOTHING” mainly because my wife asked me when I had learned to read Latin… the entire chapter consisted of:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit…

If you’re looking for a fresh and insightful perspective into the life and business of advertising and design, Austin Howe has offered up exactly that. Every chapter lives up to it’s title as well as it’s read time, and thanks to it’s unique design, Designers Don’t Read is perfect for an afternoon read and is equally at home in the bag of any time starved designer. From the back cover:

Designers Don’t Read is “on demand” inspiration for creative professionals. Creative director, writer and design advicate Austin Howe explores the creative process and what to do when inspiration is lacking. Organized not only by topic but also by how long it will take the average reader to complete each chapter, the book is intended to function like a daily devotional for designers and busy professionals involved in branded communications at all levels. With it’s unique organization and attractive design, complete with “discoverable,” Designers Don’t Read can fit into the niches in the life of a time-challenged designer. Or it may be hard to resist reading the entire book in one sitting.

Austin Howe’s personal mission is to help inspire and bring together the collective strengths of the different creative disciplines. Designers Don’t Read is an incredible springboard into this frame of mind. Technical: Designers Don’t Read By Austin Howe; designed by Fredrik Averin Published by Allworth Press, 2009

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