I think it’s just a matter of time before every blogger shares their opinion on the “Best WordPress Plugins Ever” and for me that time has come! I currently have 28 installed plugins and 24 of those are active. Don’t worry, I won’t be listing all 28 with some crazy synopsis of how that particular plugin will skyrocket your blog traffic or triple your backlinks overnight… I just want to share with you some that I think are worth a look. In fact, let’s say 6, keep it short and sweet.

1. CommentLuv – Visit Plugin Site

I am all for any plugin that encourages visitors to comment on your posts. It’s been common practice for some time now that bloggers surf the web in search of like minded bloggers and use the power of a comment to hopefully drive a little traffic back to their site, this awesome little plugin does your commentators one better. After logging a comment, not only is their information and comment visable, so is a caption of that commentors most recent blog posting! Check it out, leave me a comment… I dare you.

2. flickrRSS – Visit Plugin Site

No explaination needed, see it in action on the right side of this page. Isn’t my daughter a cutie?!

3. WP FollowMe – Visit Plugin Site

What would the world be without Twitter? Another one that really needs no explanation. You can also see this one in action on the right side of your browser. The badge is 100% flash and completely customizable in regards to colors and birdie pictures!

4. Google Analyticator – Visit Plugin Site

Screen ShotIf you’re anything like me you check your Analytics account twice a day, right after breakfast and right before bedtime. Well now you can get a quick snapshot right on your WordPress Dashboard! A customizable graph of traffic trends, listing of top referrers, more visited pages, count of new visitors vs. total visitors and so much more! If you use Google Analytics, you need to check out Google Analyticator.


5. NoFollow Free – Visit Plugin Site

Call me crazy, but I am a supporter of the “follow movement”. This little trinket removes the nofollow tags from your blogs comments and once again rewards your commentators by allowing search engines to do what they were designed to do.

6. wp-Typography – Visit Plugin Site

For all you crazy type fanatics, this plugin helps beautify the type in your blog. Don’t you love my pretty little & (ampersand) and how my “quotation marks” are nicely curved. This plugin does so much more, follow the link above to learn more!

Thats All

Did I leave out your favorite? I tell you what, kill two birds with one stone… leave me a comment (in turn trying out CommentLuv) and tell me about your favorite plugin (in turn telling me about your favorite plugin).